GOODBYE Word Press – NEW blog

For over a year, I have been making regular posts on this blog. BUT WordPress has changed the format of this website making it impossible to post videos and pictures.


SO, this is my final post on this blog. I’ve been wanting to switch to BlogSpot anyway. My NEW blog –


Halo – Call of Duty Dance Battle

Halo / Call of Duty themed B-boy battle dance routine, Dancers include:

The guy in the Halo suit-
– Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer

Call of Duty guys-
– Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval
– Ryan Conferido
– Steve Terada
– Kevin “Tight Eyez” Davis + other Street Kingdom members
– Mark Vilaver
– Aris Paraculles
– Antoine “Frost” Troupe
– Josh “Lil D” Williams

I don’t care much for the theme of this dance, but it’s a cool video choreographed by Phillip “Pac-Man” Chbeeb.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” – REVIEW

What a relief! The sequel was MUCH better than the original. Now I see the difference between this version of “Spider-Man” and the lame Toby McGuire franchise. It actually IS a lot darker than the 2002 trilogy with the death of “Gwen Stacey” in this movie (it’s a really dark & sad scene). I saw it coming – not due to the constant foreshadowing throughout the entire movie; but because in the comic books, “Gwen Stacey” is “Peter Parker’s” best friend (NOT love interest) in the comic books she dies helping “Peter”.
That, combined with a creepy, dark version of “Harry Osborn” and a mentally unstable, weird “Max Dillon” makes this a MUCH better film than the 2012 version which was a huge disappointment and was really just a set-up movie for this awesome sequel.

Jamie Foxx does an excellent job playing the socially awkward, Spiderman-obsessed, “Max Dillon” who becomes the main villain – “Electro”. I don’t know where the glowing blue skin came from, but he pretty much has “Spider-Man” defeated in the movie, (just like the comic book) when “Gwen Stacey” saves his ass by hitting “Electro” with a car and actually tells “Peter” how to defeat him using his own electric powers against him.

Then, “Gwen” unfortunately gets killed by the “Green Goblin” towards the end of the movie by breaking her spine while “Spider-Man” tries to save her from a 30 story fall. Dane Deehan plays a dark and troubled “Harry Osborn” who suddenly becomes “The Green Goblin” in a desperate attempt to cure the hereditary disease he is dying from. His time as “The Green Goblin” is short-lived. “Spider-Man” chokes him out pretty quickly just before “Gwen” falls. It’s especially sad because Emma Stone plays “Gwen Stacey” and she is so incredibly hot. (Especially as a blonde)

“The Rhino’s” time as villain is even more short-lived .”Spider-Man” defeats him in the final scene of the movie in one single hit.

The first movie was all dialogue and back story – the second movie was pure action. Plus the CGI graphics were phenomenal! Especially the scenes of “Spider-Man” web-swinging super fast through the buildings and city streets”. It’s a GREAT movie and a must-see!

(don’t let the first movie discourage you)
I give it a 9 out o 10

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” – REVIEW

I give this movie a 5 /10 because only HALF of the movie was worth watching. The first half of the movie was awesome and exactly how I expected the movie to be. I loved the “Nick Fury” gun fight scene in the car. I especially liked the “Captain America”- elevator fight scene. (that was probably my favorite part of the whole movie). The first hour of the movie was action packed and had a great, comprehensive storyline.

The movie is flowing perfectly and has you glued to the screen, when it suddenly takes a stupid, bizarre plot turn just within the first hour of the movie. “Hydra” returns somehow after 70 years and takes over “S.H.I.E.LD.” So, it becomes just “Captain America”, “Black Widow” (Natasha Romanov), and their new best friend “Falcon”, who built and operates a suit enabling him to fly like a falcon. He volunteers to join them and turns out to be a major asset against the corrupt “S.H.I.E.LD.” and “The Winter Soldier”.

That is precisely what ruins the second half of the movie: “The Winter Soldier” turns out to be “Bucky” (“Steve Rogers” best friend and he died fighting alongside “Captain America” in the original movie). But, he doesn’t remember “Rogers” at all, and now has a metal arm and is programmed somehow to kill “Captain America”. This totally ruins the movie AND this villain for me. After shooting him like 5 times, He spares “Roger’s” life at the end for no distinct reason after the “Captain” refuses to fight back like a bitch.

And one more thing – Does “Captain America” HAVE to die in all his movies ????